Important Information Regarding Email

It is a widespread view within the patent profession that normal Internet e-mail is not secure enough for transmitting information about a new invention before it is made subject of a patent application.

This can be a cause of inconvenience for many inventors who routinely communicate using this medium. It also prevents the use of Internet e-mail for transferring drafts of specifications and letters between a patent attorney and an inventor. Nor is it safe for sending drawing files for new design applications.

To overcome this difficulty, I have installed PGP e-mail encryption software. This can encrypt and decrypt any text message or word processor file with a very high level of security making it effectively unreadable, and therefore safe to send by e-mail.

The software is not subject to US export restrictions on encryption products.

To use this system, you must also install the software. A time-limited demonstration version of the commercial software, or an unlimited package for personal use can be downloaded from It is available for many operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Once you install PGP, in order to send me secure e-mail, you will need to know my public key. Follow this link and ask to save it to disc. Alternatively, send me a normal email to