About me

Having trained and worked with two long-established UK patent firms, I started my own practice at the start of 1999.  In addition to working for my own clients, I act as a consultant to several prominent firms of patent attorneys in the UK and in Ireland.

My particular aim is to offer intellectual property services of the highest quality, at highly competitive pricing made possible by my very low overheads.

Qualifications and experience

BSc (Hons) Mechanical Engineering (1989) University of Bath

Professional Qualifications

Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys 1993
European Patent Attorney 1993
Professional Representative Before the OHIM (European Trade Mark and Design Attorney) 1996

Special Technical Experience and Example Patent Publication Numbers

Information Technology
Language Compilers
Virtual Machines
Mark-up language rendering engines
Speech synthesis and speech recognition
Semiconductor Fabrication
Robot Programming Software
Electronic trading systems
GB2295906 WO2005083603 GB2419971

Electronic and electrical engineering

Antenna technology including Satellite Receiving Antennas and Vehicle Screen Antennas
Powerline telecommunication systems
Heating and cooker controls
Fire Protection Systems
Digital television
Medical lasers
WO97/33367, WO96/10275, GB2360365, GB2307763, WO2004/034774, WO2004/008081, GB2369057 GB2303978, EP0831506, GB2316818

Mechanical and other technologies

Power Takeoff Systems and Gearboxes
Packaging Technology
Toys and Games
Joint Prostheses
Cooking Equipment
Measurement and metrology
WO2004/034774, WO2004/008081, GB2385317, GB2395466, GB2355070, GB2300163, GB2322688, EP0859303 EP1736678

Please note that issues of client confidentiality prevent me from listing more example publications here.